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P.O. Box 1233

Harrison, TN 37341


(423) 954.0245


P.O. Box 1233
Harrison, TN 37341
United States


Neatography is founded on the timeless awesomeness of paper and the handwritten word, offering stationery subscription services for paper enthusiasts.


    They say it's the little things in life that tip the scale. Perhaps it's the satisfaction derived from writing in your journal or jotting down a list, or the flutter of excitement when you receive personal snail mail. Do you relate? That is precisely why Neatography is passionate about paper and the handwritten word.

    Neatography offers mail order subscription services for paper enthusiasts. The contents of each mailing will be a surprise, but all goods are practical, unique in nature or design and of the utmost quality.  Subscriptions are available on a monthly or quarterly schedule as well as a one-time purchase through the Shop.  The Shop also carries a sampling of paper goods included in previous subscription packages.  All items are purposefully chosen to inspire putting pen (or pencil) to paper!